Incredible Hulk (1962) 2-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jul 01 1962
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Incredible Hulk (1962) 2-A by Marvel
Incredible Hulk (1962) 2-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.12
Publish Date:JUL 01 1962
Content:CCA Approved


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"The Terror of the Toad Men"
The Hulk terrorizes a town, and Rick Jones does his best to keep him out of trouble. Meanwhile a spaceship carrying the Toad Men have homed in on the most brilliant scientific mind on the planet, Bruce Banner, and catch him and Rick Jones as they are staking out a secret hideout in a desert cave to house the Hulk.

"Prisoners of the Toad Men!"
Banner and Jones are taken into space and interrogated to find out how advanced Earthlings are as a preparation for the Toad Men's plans to subjugate Earth. When Banner changes to the Hulk, pandamonium breaks out on the ship, and the military shoot it out of the sky.

"Bruce Banner, Wanted for Treason!"
Dr. Bruce Banner emerges from the wreckage of the Toad Men's ship and the military lock him up, suspected of espionage. The balance of the Toad Men's armada attacks.

"Hulk Runs Amok!"
The Toad Men's fleet surround the planet. Banner changes to Hulk and busts out of jail.

"The End of the Hulk?"
The Hulk escapes, taking Betty and Rick with him. When he reverts to Banner, he develops a weapon that will route the Toad Men.


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