Showcase '94 1-A

Comic Book by DC, Jan 01 1994
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Showcase '94 1-A by DC
Showcase '94 1-A by DC


Cover Price:$1.95
Publish Date:JAN 01 1994
Content:CCA Approved



Story Arcs

Item Biography

Joker in "The Great Pretender"
Written by James Robinson, penciled & inked by Christian Alamy.
*The Joker and his goons have given Gotham City a lovely gift - they have dosed some newborns with enough Joker toxins to give them his trademark grin, but not enough to kill them. They make their escape through the corridors of the hospital, and all of a sudden, the Joker wakes up... He is actually Joe White, a perfectly normal man in a Gotham City ruled by King Joker. But surely HE is the Joker? He gets himself up in Joker-like make-up, kills his wife, and makes his way to Castle Arkham to confront the King of Gotham, discovering him to be a huge, monstrous beast about to do battle with a predatory-looking Batman.* Source:

Gunfire in "State of Siege, Part 1 of 2"
Written by Len Wein, penciled by Tom Tenney, inked by Mike Christian.
*Andrew Van Horn demonstrates his new-found powers to his colleagues at Van Horn Industries. Soon after this, they come under attack from a terrorist group called the Oblivion Front, led by Dominion, a former Van Horn employee. It seems this group is after the weapons that Andrew's father had amassed - a large collection of very powerful killing devices.* Source:

The New Gods in "The Wall of Souls"
Written by Walter Simonson, penciled & inked by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.
*Metron observes some interesting events at the Wall of Souls which surrounds the Source. Orion is tricked by one of those bound to the wall, who tries to use him to escape. But the Mother Box is able to help Orion, and he is safe.* Source:

Cover art by Kevin Nowlan.


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