Wulf the Barbarian 1-A

Comic Book by Atlas-Seaboard, Feb 01 1975
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Wulf the Barbarian 1-A by Atlas-Seaboard
Wulf the Barbarian 1-A by Atlas-Seaboard


Cover Price:$.25
Publish Date:FEB 01 1975
Content:CCA Approved


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Wulf, a young man born of nobility wanders the streets of Azerebajia with purpose, ignoring the thieves and harlots who infest the dark corners.

His only intention is to meet with his mentor and surrogate father, Stavro; once a nobleman himself, but now reduced to a half-crippled, drunken knife juggler who performs to indifferent crowds for a pittance.

Ten years earlier, Wulf was on a hunting trip with his parents in the homeland forests of Baerholm when the party were ambushed by Trolls. Wulf's father is killed first, and when Stavro is ordered to hie young Wulf to safety, nothing stands in his pathway. Troll heads roll.

Wulf turned back one last time only to witness his mother bludgeoned to death by a leering Troll, whose face will haunt his dreams for the next decade.

On their escape Stavro and Wulf are preyed upon from the air by a flying dragon. Stavro wounds the beast, but then ends up mounting the mythical monster with Wulf in tow.

In dying, the overgrown reptile deposits the pair in desert lands. Both survivors trudge on for days until reaching the unseemly refuge of Azerebajia. Whereupon, the youth becomes a man trained in the art of combat by his failing father figure.

Years of tuition come to fruition when tragedy strikes one night. Wulf returns to the ramshackle hovel he shares with Stavro to find the old warrior dead and flanked by two unknown corpses.

A trail of blood strongly hints at the presence of a third assassin. As the blond barbarian dons chain mail battle garb, his adolescence is complete.

The bloody trail ends in an alley when Wulf comes face to face with that same grisly visage he's had nightmares of for years. Vengeance tastes as sweet as nectar when Wulf reclaims the sword of his slain father and stabs the giant Troll through the heart.



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