Avengers (1963) 148-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jun 01 1976
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Avengers (1963) 148-A by Marvel
Avengers (1963) 148-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.25
Publish Date:JUN 01 1976
Content:CCA Approved


Story Arcs

Item Biography

"20,000 Leagues Under Justice!"
"The Battle of the Century: Part II, Cap'n Hawk, Tom Thumb and Amphibion vs. the Beast and Hellcat"
"The Battle of the Century: Part III, Doctor Spectrum and the Whizzer vs. Captain America and Iron Man"

The Avengers have possession of the Serpent Crown, but they are stranded on the Squadron Supreme's Other-Earth. The Squadron track them down via spy scanners on the city streets.

A quartet of Avengers split into two pairs. Hellcat finds that when partnering the Beast, frantic fisticuffs and quick-witted quips go hand-in-hand.

Cap and Iron Man reliving past glories, get bushwacked by Doctor Spectrum and the Whizzer. But experience compensates for the element of surprise attack.

Thor has his patience tested by Moondragon, when she suggests that his compatriots are not really worthy of his continued presence.

Yellowjacket and the Wasp receive the all-clear from the hospital for their release after convalescing recent injuries. Cracks rise to the surface of the Pyms' marriage. Jan is adamant on her return to the Avengers' ranks, but Hank is less certain of his future.

Back on Other-Earth; wherever that may be, the Squadron Supreme bear witness to a demoralizing diatribe delivered by their President, Nelson Rockefeller, in the White House.

Hyperion blanches at the words he hears and physically manhandles the "President", only to have him revealed as the Bouncing Beast in disguise. The Beast wastes no time in making a timely exit down the hallway, pursued by Squadders.

Iron Man's technical know-how (even though his fellow Avengers have no idea that he is really Tony Stark) enables him to activate the dimension-jumping mechanism to send the team home.

Hyperion is keen to follow, but the other Squadron members, who've had their consciences pricked by the Beast's barbed words hesitate and withdraw to contemplate.

Contains a fan letter from Jo Duffy.


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