Hellboy: Wake the Devil 2-A

Comic Book by Dark Horse, Jul 01 1996
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Hellboy: Wake the Devil 2-A by Dark Horse
Hellboy: Wake the Devil 2-A by Dark Horse


Cover Price:$2.95
Publish Date:JUL 01 1996
Sale Date:JUL 24 1996


Item Biography

"Wake the Devil, Part 2"

*Hellboy crash lands on Castle Giurescu, and he finds himself in a fight with Ilsa's cyborg lackey, the Unmench, which takes them to the depths of Giurescu's castle. In flashback to 1944, we see a scene following Rasputin's summoning of Hellboy to Earth. We see Rasputin in a dispute with Von Krupt, who portrays Rasputin as a failure. Rasputin's aims were more long term, however, and never intended to serve the Nazis. We see Haupstein, Kurtz and Kroenen pledge their loyalty to Rasputin, disavowing Hitler. Rasputin tells Ilsa that her lover, Giurescu, has been betrayed by Hitler and put to death out of Hitler's fear. Back to Giurescu's castle in the present, Rasputin visits with Ilsa to tell her of his true master, the Ogdru Jahad, imprisoned and awaiting freedom. Meanwhile, Hellboy tracks Giurescu, but comes instead upon Giurescu's father, who curses the betrayal by the Nazis, and tells of Hecate's connection with Giurescu and of her promise to provide him perpetual life. Hellboy finds the resurrection chamber, intent on stopping the process, but finds Hecate's harpy witches waiting for him. *Source: Warlock

**In his quest to find the vampire Vladimir Giurescu, Hellboy must battle the flying metal fist of a bald Nazi supermonster! Danger lurks in every corner of Castle Giurescu, and Hellboy's prepared to meet it head-on! **Source: darkhorse.com

Issue number 8 in the comprehensive numbering of the Hellboy series.

"Silent as the Grave, Part 2"

*Crulk takes Lawrence St. George's autograph, not for souvenir purposes, but to feed to a demon who will use it to track St. George. Nearby, Lawrence meets his brother, Benedict, a mysterious medium, and the two are attacked by the demon, who destroys Lawrence's car, and flys off with Benedict clinging to its tail. *Source: Warlock

**In the back-up, "Silent as the Grave," we meet the second half of the new mystery team, as the MonsterMen confront a monstrous Jib-Bic, in beautifully weird images that only new Legend member Gary Gianni (The Shadow: Hell's Heat Wave) could cook up. **Source: darkhorse.com


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