Young Men 28-A

Comic Book by Atlas, Jun 01 1954
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Young Men 28-A by Atlas
Young Men 28-A by Atlas


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:JUN 01 1954
Content:ACMP Authorized

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"The Moon!" featuring the Human Torch.
The Human Torch and Toro fail to stop saboteurs from destroying a space ship, but one of the men captured has a tattoo of a vulture, tipping off the Torch to the mastermind, the Vulture. The Vulture has stolen plans, and builds his own ship in the hopes of being first to the Moon. They board the Vultures rocket as it streaks out of the atmosphere, and are confronted by aliens who force them to return, claiming mankind is not yet ready for the stars. 8 pages.

"The Richest Man in Chicago" 2 pages, text only (9125).

"The Cargo of Death!" featuring Captain America (E-233).
Reprinted from Young Men #28.
Cap and Bucky board a freighter bound for Africa on which Communist agitators are smuggling drugs to fund a rebellion. 7 pages.

"The Land Below the Sun!" featuring the Sub-Mariner (E-337).
The Communists have landed at the South Pole to claim it as theirs, despite a prior US claim. Namor return from exile to warn his countrymen, but find that they consider him a traitor for befriending surface men. Namor gets Namora's assistance in driving away the Soviets, and so re-earns the respect of the Emperor. 8 pages.


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