Haunt of Fear (1950) 7-A

Comic Book by E.C., May 01 1951
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Haunt of Fear (1950) 7-A by E.C.
Haunt of Fear (1950) 7-A by E.C.


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Publish Date:MAY 01 1951


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"The Witches Cauldron: Room for One More!"
A boy's parents both die, and his only wish is to someday join them in the family mausoleum. The only problem is that there's only one space left, and he must deal with the other family members who vie for the space. Just when he thinks he has eliminated the competition, they return from their less-than-satisfactory resting places to claim what is theirs. 8 pages.

"The Crypt of Terror: The Basket"
A man comes to town each day, carrying a basket on his shoulders. His behavior is markedly different on varying days, and nobody notices that it corresponds to on which shoulder he carries the basket. We later learn the man has two heads, the basket concealing the other, each with its own personality. 7 pages.

"The Damaged Goddess"
1 page, text only.

"Horror in the School Room"
A boy is repeatedly late to school, and all the Headmaster can get from him are stories about how 'Magog' had taken him to places around the globe. The boy's friend has sent a warning for the Headmaster not to punish the boy, but the Headmaster needs to teach the boy not to lie. 6 pages.

"The Vault of Horror: The Howling Banshee!"
An American visits family in a small Irish village, but his history with the Mob has followed him. A pair of Hit Men are trying to rub him out, but his newly-wed wife is worried about the curse of the Banshee, foretelling of her doom. 7 pages.

Reprinted in Haunt of Fear (RCP Vol 2) #7 in its entirety with the exception of the text story.


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