Mystery Tales (1952) 15-A

Comic Book by Atlas, Sep 01 1953
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Mystery Tales (1952) 15-A by Atlas
Mystery Tales (1952) 15-A by Atlas


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:SEP 01 1953
Content:ACMP Authorized


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"The Little Monster"
5 pages (C-902).

Two Communist spies lurk outside the building where scientists are working on a secret project. They nab the man and bring him behind the Iron Curtain, where he agrees to share his secrets. He develops a virus that turns the enemy into mindless apes, and before they execute the scientist, they discover that they captured the wrong man, and got an asylum escapee instead. 4 pages (C-980).
Reprinted in Journey Into Mystery (Vol 2) #10.

"The Vampire's Coffin!"
5 pages (C-801).

"The Man in the Tank!"
5 pages (C-717).

"Johnny's Last Jump!"
Johnny was a violent one, and his partner in crime started complaining when Johnny murdered their burglary victims. When their next job went badly, the cops were in pursuit and it looked like the only escape was to jump off the bridge into the river. Johnny's partner couldn't swim, so Johnny plugged him, and made the jump himself. He should have looked before he leaped. 4 pages (C-894).
Reprinted in Where Monsters Dwell #31.


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