Incredible Hulk (1962) 1-H

Comic Book by Marvel, Nov 01 2004
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Incredible Hulk (1962) 1-H by Marvel
Incredible Hulk (1962) 1-H by Marvel


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:NOV 01 2004
Caption:Marvel Legends Reprint


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Reprint that came packaged with the Marvel Legends Wave 9 Hulk Action Figure.

"The Coming of The Hulk"
At a desert military base, Dr. Bruce Banner readies for the test of his invention, the Gamma Bomb. His assistant Igor, secretly a spy, begs him to share his secrets, but he will not. General Thunderbolt Ross chafes at how long it is taking. With the countdown to detonation started, Banner spots teenager Rick Jones driving out to the test range on a dare. Banner instructs Igor to hold the countdown while he gets Jones to safety. Igor does not, and Banner is bathed in Gamma rays. When he comes to, he finds Jones has brought him back to base for treatment. When the strain of the incident gets to be too much, Banner undergoes a wild transformation to a grey skinned 'Hulk', and smashes his way to freedom, Rick Jones in pursuit.

"The Hulk Strikes!"
With the military at his heels, the Hulk instictively makes his way to his lab to recover the secret of the bomb. Inside, he finds Igor ransacking the place. The Hulk smashes Igor and returns to normal as the military arrives.

"The Search for the Hulk"
The military is bewildered that they can't find the Hulk, only Banner and Jones. Banner is comforted by Betty Ross, but worries about nightfall, as he changes into the Hulk at sundown.

"Enter...The Gargoyle!"
Igor from his prison cell communicates with his employer, the Gargoyle, who, when he hears of the power of the Hulk, comes to investigate.

"The Hulk Triumphant!"
The Gargoyle captures the Hulk and Jones and brings them to the Kremlin, but by the time they arrive, Banner has returned. The Gargoyle now knows Banners secret, and begs his help to cure him of the affliction that made him a deformed genius. Banner does, and the Gargoyle helps Banner escape.

1st appearances of the Hulk, Bruce Banner, Rick Jones, General Ross, Betty Ross, and the Gargoyle.


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