Penthouse Men's Adventure Comix 1-B

Magazine by Penthouse, Apr 01 1995
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Penthouse Men's Adventure Comix 1-B by Penthouse
Penthouse Men's Adventure Comix 1-B by Penthouse


Cover Price:$4.95
Publish Date:APR 01 1995
Caption:Comic Book Sized Direct Edition


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"Action Figures, Episode 1; First Blood"

Former Team Supreme Radioactive Babe, Blazing Fury, forms the world's first all girl Detective Agency/Super-Hero group/Modeling Agency.

"Generation Sex, Episode 1; Live And Learn"

Lost generation or sensitive slakers, it's the story of a boy, a girl and a band, and the best sex you've every had.

"Slim & Nun, Episode 1; A Tough Habit To Break"

He was a two-fisted spagetti western hero, she was a sister of charity, with a vow of chastity in her heart and a derringer strapped to her thigh. Together they blazed a trail of glory through every cowboy cliche' in history.

""LA-X, Episode 1; Everybody Wants To Rule The World"

On the set of a cutting edge prime-time soap, LA-X, nothing every goes according to script.

"Salem, Episode 1; Nobody Knows...Nobody Sees"

Ivy League professor by day, White Witch by night, Salem Stevens solves the FBI's strangest cases of the supernatural...

Hericane, Episode 1; Origin"

She's the super-girl who just wants to have fun, the woman who gives a whole new meaning to the wors "rough sex", the questuio did she get this way...

"Miss Adventure, Episode 1; Say The Secret Word"

Meet Camille Pike, young Captain Adventures twin sister. Is New York ready for the world's most politically incorrect super-heroine.


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