Captain America Comics (1941) 3-A

Comic Book by Timely, May 01 1941
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Captain America Comics (1941) 3-A by Timely
Captain America Comics (1941) 3-A by Timely


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:MAY 01 1941


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"The Return of the Red Skull"
17 pages.

"The Hunchback of Hollywood and the Movie Murder"
A film director decides to finally break the taboo and make a movie warning the public about Nazi fascism, and takes his production company on location to shoot in a castle near Fort Lehigh. The producer is murdered, so Steve Rogers and Bucky get themselves cast as extras to ferret out the Nazi sympathizer. 17 pages.
Reprinted in Fantasy Masterpieces (Vol 1) #3.

"Captain America Foils the Traitor's Revenge"
2 pages, text with spot illustrations.

"The Queer Case of the Murdering Butterfly and the Ancient Mummies"
The Butterfly, an infamous jewel thief, brashly announces his crimes in advance. When a museum is robbed of its Egyptian gems, Cap and Bucky spring to action to reveal the identity of the costumed Butterfly as the museum curator. 11 pages.
Reprinted in Fantasy Masterpieces (Vol 1) #3.

No Title Given
6 pages. Featuring Tuk Caveboy.

"Amazing Spy Adventures"
2 pages.

No Title Given
7 pages. Featuring Hurricane, Master of Speed.


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