Savage Dragon (1993) 143-A

Comic Book by Image, Dec 01 2008
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Savage Dragon (1993) 143-A by Image
Savage Dragon (1993) 143-A by Image


Cover Price:$3.50
Publish Date:DEC 01 2008
Sale Date:DEC 24 2008


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"The Answer"

The shape shifter who attacked Dragon reveals itself as...his missing wife Jennifer! She rages about how Dragon has ruined her life, but the Dragon's not buying the fact that it's really his wife. Meanwhile, Malcolm and the kids are back from Dimension X thanks to the real Angel Murphy, who reveals to Dragon that she will never come home because of her guilt. When Mister Glum had the God Gun, he had Angel murder a lot of people, including her mom, Jennifer. It is a mix of bitter and sweet, as Dragon realizes his search for his wife is over, but he is finally reunited with his son Malcolm.

"Getting Ugly"

Alex Wilde is on patrol and comes across bad guy Bud Ugly as he assaults Red Giant. Alex does what she can to avoid the same fate, but is ultimately saved by Battle Girl, who was supposed to be home doing her homework.

Includes a pin-up of Super-Patriot



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