Vampirella 10-A

Magazine by Warren, Mar 01 1971
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Vampirella 10-A by Warren
Vampirella 10-A by Warren


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Publish Date:MAR 01 1971


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"Vampi's Feary Tales; The Face of Medusa"

Tale of how the encounter went between the Gordon and Peruses.

"Fiends in the Night!"

Pity thief Anton DeLaudier, pursued by the police, the army...and a pack of supernatural monsters!

"The Marriage"

A strange love triangle involving a boy, a girl....and a computer.

"Eye of Newt Toe of Frog"

A woman has nightmares, as she tries to clarify what is real and what is fiction, her end becomes clear.

"The Soft, Sweet Lips of Hell!"

When you try to ply your trade with a heart of gold, make sure that what you give is equal to the task.

"War of the Wizards"

A vendetta between wizards is settled in a not so delicate manner.

"A Thing of Beauty!"

When a beautiful woman tries to get what she wants using her beauty, she soon finds out that beauty may be the ultimate prize.

"Regeneration Gap"

When man returns to an abandoned Earth, purification awaits.


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