Kade 1-C

Comic Book by Arcana, Oct 01 2003
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Kade 1-C by Arcana
Kade 1-C by Arcana


Cover Price:$2.95
Publish Date:OCT 01 2003
Sale Date:JUL 16 2003
Caption:Paco Medina "No Tattoo" Cover


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This was an "errored" promotional edition sold at the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con. In addition to the different cover coloration and the tattoo missing from Kade's left shoulder, in the top left corner, the logo next to the issue number is different from the Standard Edition, the "Cover A" designation is missing, and more credits are listed on this cover.

*Kade has just barely survived his first encounter with the demon known as Apollyon. He is now on a journey to find the vagabond known as Kamric as he is the only person to ever survive facing Apollyon. Kade believes that he is the key to defeating the ominous demon. Kade will need the assistance of Ezra to find Kamric and to find redemption! *Source: arcana.com

Prior to the destruction of his home, Kade sets out to rescue a young girl kidnapped by ogres.


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