Devi 7-A

Comic Book by Virgin Comics, Jan 01 2007
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Devi 7-A by Virgin Comics
Devi 7-A by Virgin Comics


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Publish Date:JAN 01 2007
Sale Date:JAN 31 2007


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*Tara Mehta, the new Devi avatar, is in a lot of trouble. Her first encounter with the fallen God Bala's demonic soldiers - the Darinde - leaves her flushed with awareness of her awesome new powers, but determined to leave Sitapur before things get worse. The only bright spot in her life is inspector Rahul Singh, a downtrodden cop who is determined to persuade her to stay on and help cure Sitapur of its many ailments.

In the more immediate future, though, Tara's in more danger than she knows. Two of the Devi's deadliest foes, Iyam - Lord Bala's former right-hand man - and Kratha - the Apsara Assassin - have escaped from Durapasya captivity, and delivering Tara's dead body to their master is the only possible conclusive evidence of their loyalty to Bala.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that the bounty hunter, Amara Gaelle, and the forward-looking Durapasya warrior, Agantuk, are both working for a secret organization called the Cabinet of Shadows, who seek to establish human dominion on earth, free from the tyranny of all supernatural beings, divine or demonic.

Amara tells the Cabinet she has located the Source, the powerful vessel Lord Bala seeks so desperately, but that she doesn't dare unearth it for fear of Bala claiming it before she can steal it away. Agantuk promises to lead an attack on the Darinde in a week's time, to give her an opportunity to locate it unobserved and bring it to the Cabinet. Until then, Amara must play a dangerous game: She must keep her suspicious, bind and ultimately deadly employer from punishing her apparent inefficiency - and Bala's punishments usually involve death. *Source: Devi #7


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