2000 A.D. (UK) 3-A

Comic Book by Rebellion, Mar 01 1977
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2000 A.D. (UK) 3-A by Rebellion
2000 A.D. (UK) 3-A by Rebellion


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Publish Date:MAR 01 1977



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Includes free Red Alert Survival Wallet with a Code Breaker Wheel and Security Pass.

Invasion – The Resistance: Incident three.
Our protagonist Bill Savage has holed himself up in a room above a café planning his revenge against the invading Volgans. A group of the British Resistance, led by Lieutenant Silk, have tracked Savage down to try and persuade him to join them in their fight. Meanwhile, the café owner has ratted Bill Savage out to the Volgans who descend on him and the four resistance members. Savage unleashes his “cannon” (shotgun) and dispatches the Volgans single-handed. Seeing the ineptitude of the resistance members during the melee, Savage decides perhaps it’s best that he does join them as they’re going to need a hard hitter like himself in their group. He bundles them into his truck and takes them back to the Resistance H.Q. where he unceremoniously introduces himself to Brigadier Bentley Pearson.

Flesh – Flesh Book I: Episode 3.
Ranger Joe Brontowski has been caught by a Pteranodon. A Ranger air buggy spots him in trouble and swoops down blasting the Pteranodon away with their laser cannons, freeing Joe who falls to the ground unconscious. Unfortunately the Rangers in the air buggy don’t notice they’re being stalked by a 120 year old Tyrannosaur matriarch and she catches them in a surprise attack, killing them both in short order. Joe Brontowski starts to come around only to find that he’s gone from the frying pan into the fire as the Tyrannosaur grabs him in her jaws. The Ranger boss, Earl Reagan, rides in on his horse and Joe begs to be shot, as anything would be better than being eaten alive. Reagan has other ideas however and jumps onto the head of the Tyrannosaur and drives his goad into her eye. Believing the Tyrannosaur to be dead Earl and Joe head back to Carver City with the latest herd of Alamosaurs that has been rounded up for slaughter. After they leave, the Tyrannosaur recovers from being stunned. She’s filled with pain, hatred and revenge – “Old One Eye” is now on the warpath!!

Harlem Heroes – Harlem Heroes: Episode 3.
After a road crash there are only three surviving original members of the Harlem Heroes aeroball team (Giant, Slim and Hairy) meaning they’ve had to bring in four replacements (King the veteran, Zack the rookie and two reserves). Their next match is against a team made up of some boys in blue: The Baltimore Bulls. King is sent to the penalty pen early leaving the Harlem Heroes outnumbered. The rookie, Zack, is from the ‘hood’ and has a chip on his shoulder when it comes to the police. Unfortunately, as he tries to teach a few of the opposing team a lesson he feels they need, his over enthusiasm causes him to overshoot his mark, crashing into a camera boom and hurtles towards the ground in flames.

Dan Dare – Dan Dare: Sequence 3.
Dan Dare is on the galaxy class cruiser “Odyssey”, captained by Commander Monday, approaching the planet Jupiter when an alien being is beamed aboard. The creature attacks one of the crew and Dan Dare steps in and overpowers it. While the alien is contained in the Medic-Sector to be studied by the staff doctor, Ziggy Rodann SD, Dare and Monday decide to join a survey party down to the surface of Jupiter. On their descent they’re hit by a radio storm, which disrupts the autoguidance system sending them out of control towards the planet!

M.A.C.H.1 (single episode).
A NATO mini-battleship has been sunk and secret agent John Probe (code name M.A.C.H.1) is sent in to investigate. On arrival to the wreckage site, the only other vessel around is an ‘Eastern Fishing Trawler’. The trawler hasn’t been challenged for fear of sparking an international incident so M.A.C.H.1 is sent in on a spy mission. He boards the trawler and discovers that it’s being used to salvage the sunken battleship and realises that the crew must be the ones responsible for its sinking. With the increased strength given to him by the process of ‘compu-puncture hyperpower’ and with the aid of the integrated computer circuits feeding data directly to his brain, M.A.C.H.1 is able to overpower the crew of the trawler and eventually serves justice by blowing the trawler up.

Judge Dredd – The New You (single episode).

First reference to Mega-City One.

Lawbreaker Joe ‘Scarface’ Levine is on the run from the Judges. He stops in at “The New You” face clinic where instant genetic surgery is available. He holds the clinic up and gets a face change so the law will no longer recognise him. After leaving he passes Judge Dredd while on patrol. As he now has a new face, Levine thinks it would be a good joke to say hello to Dredd. However, this turns out to be his downfall as although he has a new face, the voice recognition software built into the computer on Judge Dredds Lawmaster bike picks him out and he is unable to escape the justice handed out by Dredd.


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