Smash Comics (1939) 17-A

Comic Book by Quality, Dec 01 1940
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Smash Comics (1939) 17-A by Quality
Smash Comics (1939) 17-A by Quality


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:DEC 01 1940


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No Title Given, featuring the Ray.
Penciled & inked by E. Lectron.
'Happy' Terrill, reporter and secretly the Ray, investigates thefts down at the docks, and finds a Pied Piper character behind it, the evil Stradivous, who works for Commissioner Jennings. The Ray must step in to bring justice. 9 pages.

No Title Given, featuring the Purple Trio.
Written by S.M. Regi, penciled & inked by Alex Blum.
Our trio gets into mischievous trouble on the subway, but it leads to a job helping solve the mystery of murder at the museum. 6 pages.

"The Mole" featuring Chic Carter.
Written, penciled & inked by Vernon Henkel.
Chic tracks down a thief who invents a machine to bore his way into museum and bank basements. 4 pages.

No Title Given featuring Archie O'Toole.
Written, penciled & inked by Bud Thomas.
2 pages.

No Title Given featuring Scarlet Seal.
Written, penciled & inked by Duane Byrd Monroe.
Barry Moore, police detective with an acting background fights mobsters and drug traffickers as the Scarlet Seal. 5 pages.

No Title Given featuring the Invisible Hood.
Written, penciled & inked by Art Gordon.
Kent Thurston, as the Invisible Hood, tracks down jewel thieves by the waterfront. 5 pages.

"Espionage" featuring Black X.
Penciled & inked by Dan Zolnerowich.
Black X tracks down saboteurs at an aircraft factory. 6 pages.

No Title Given featuring Magno.
Written, penciled & inked by Paul Gustavson.
Magno helps induce a slum lord to make needed repairs rather that bilk the city for cash. 4 pages.

No Title Given featuring 'Wings' Wendall.
Written, penciled & inked by Vernon Henkel.
Wendall investigates the Bavarian military, who has murdered an ambassador to cover up its latest plan for a super-ship that will allow them to invade the US. 6 pages.

Jimmy Christian in "The God Mask"
Written by Robert M. Hyatt.
2 pages, text only.

No Title Given featuring Wun Cloo, the Defective Detective.
Written, penciled & inked by Gill Fox.
2 pages.

No Title Given featuring Abdul the Arab.
Written, penciled & inked by Powell Roberts.
Abdul tracks down assassins who use an evil device called the Medici Candle. 4 pages.

"Kidding the Kids"
Written, penciled & inked by Arthur Beeman.
1 page.

No Title Given featuring Bozo the Robot.
Written, penciled & inked by Wayne Reid.
Bozo, controlled by Hugh Hazzard, faces the Wizard, who uses model planes that hold bombs to terrorize the skies. 7 pages.

Cover art by Gill Fox.


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