Adventure Comics (1938) 317-A

Comic Book by DC, Feb 01 1964
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Adventure Comics (1938) 317-A by DC
Adventure Comics (1938) 317-A by DC


Cover Price:$.12
Publish Date:FEB 01 1964
Content:CCA Approved



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(1st Chronological Appearance of Dream Girl; 1st Appearance of Time Trapper - Note: Time Trapper is revealed to be the 'Time Master'.)

(Lightning Lass becomes Light Lass with this issue, with different powers).

Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes in "The Menace of Dream Girl" and "The Doom of the Legion!"
*Saturn Girl calls a meeting to discuss the Time Trapper and his Iron Curtain of Time, and to examine applicants for membership. The male members go wild over one gorgeous candidate, Dream Girl of Naltor, who has the ability to accurately predict future events. She successfully demonstrates this power, and is voted into the group by the boys over the girls' objections. Although she displays conscientiousness by studying the Legion's organization, particularly its Constitution, she also exhibits an insufferable conceit.

One by one, Lightning Lass (whose power is short-circuited when an electrical generator explodes), Triplicate Girl, Lightning Lad, Ultra Boy, Shrinking Violet, Bouncing Boy, and Matter-Eater Lad are expelled or suspended from the group after she tricks each into violating various clauses of the Legion Constitution. Star Boy is the only one to maintain complete faith in her, and she eventually admits to him that she foresaw the deaths of the expelled members in a rocket explosion, and joined the group to remove them and save their lives. He explains that she actually saw the "deaths" of lifeless android doubles, and so the members she tricked are reinstated.

Lightning Lass learns that Dream Girl has used Naltorian science to have the electrical explosion change her power to that of making things super-lightweight, since her original ability duplicated her brother's.

Dream Girl resigns to perfect her own ability further, leaving Star Boy, who loves her, hoping that she'll return someday. *Source: The Official Legion of Super-Heroes Index #2 - Publilshed by ICG.

An untitled Super-Turtle strip.

An untitled Moolah the Mystic strip.

Superboy in "The Shrinking of Superboy"
reprinted from Superboy (Vol 1) #61.


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