Journey into Mystery (1952) 1-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jun 01 1952
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Journey into Mystery (1952) 1-A by Marvel
Journey into Mystery (1952) 1-A by Marvel


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Publish Date:JUN 01 1952
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"One Foot In the Grave"
Tony the Florist has just figured out a new scam. He hires bums to steal the flowers from fresh graves at night to resell in his shop. Watch out when the owners come to reclaim their stolen goods. 5 pages.

"Death Finds a Way"
2 pages, text with spot illustration.

"The Clutching Hands"
A struggling writer murders his rival to steal his manuscripts. The writer keeps seeing the ghostly hands of the dead man appear at every inopportune time, ultimately leading to the killers conviction and death sentence. 5 pages.

A man hides out in a haunted house, but soon a Realtor is showing the property to a young couple looking for a home. The man realizes that he must scare off the couple in order to secure his privacy. We finally see the man's face and realize that he is the right resident for the haunted home. 4 pages.

"It Can't Miss"
Frankie Arno, on the run from the law, is helped by a friend. His pal has killed an honest man who looks just like Frankie. They leave the body to be found, and Frankie takes over the other man's life. Too bad the identity that Frankie assumes is an escapee from a mental institution. 4 pages.
Reprinted in Chamber of Chills #5.

A man who is part of a salvage team that pulls treasure up from deep sea wrecks gets ambitious, and decides to kill his employers in order to claim the treasure to himself. While on a dive, he leaves a time-bomb on the salvage ship, killing his employers, and plans to take his treasure to a nearby island. He doesn't know that the island is populated by cannibals. 5 pages.


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