B.P.R.D.: The Black Goddess 4-A

Comic Book by Dark Horse, Apr 01 2009
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B.P.R.D.: The Black Goddess 4-A by Dark Horse
B.P.R.D.: The Black Goddess 4-A by Dark Horse


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Publish Date:APR 01 2009
Sale Date:APR 08 2009


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"The Black Goddess, Part 4"

*While the dragons conjured by Memnan Saa aid in resisting the Frog Monster / Subterranean siege outside, Memnan Saa tells Kate Corrigan more of the legacy of Liz Sherman's Vril power, through the ancient Hyperborean civilizations, and his plans for resisting the coming onslaught; plans which do not include the saving of Mankind. Outside the temple, Johann murders his way toward his goal. *Source: Warlock

**Outside Memnan Saa's sanctum, two armies of monsters clash over the fate of the world; within, the B.P.R.D. can only watch as Saa's machinations continue to unfold around them, building up to an apocalyptic climax with Liz at its core.

Written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi, and drawn by Guy Davis, B.P.R.D.: The Black Goddess is the second of three arcs pulling together threads from the beginning of the series -- and leaving the B.P.R.D. and the world forever changed. **Source: darkhorse.com.

Issue number 55 in the comprehensive numbering of the B.P.R.D. series.

Written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi, art by Guy Davis, colors by Dave Stewart, and lettered by Clem Robins with cover art by Kevin Nowlan and colored by Dave Stewart.


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