Hot Rod Comics Featuring Clint Curtis 2-A

Comic Book by Fawcett, Apr 01 1952
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Hot Rod Comics Featuring Clint Curtis 2-A by Fawcett
Hot Rod Comics Featuring Clint Curtis 2-A by Fawcett


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Publish Date:APR 01 1952


Item Biography

"Saftey Comes First"

Clint and the Road Knights need a place to test the performance of their cars. It's up to Clint to convince Bob Ewing that it is in the best interest of the community & that they will not let things get out of hand. Time is limited because he has been given a date to get the city board to approve his plan. While meeting the board he manages to get one of the members on his side to help and suggest that a police officer could supervise them & make sure things are safe for all.

Mr Brassard
Clint Curtis
Bob Ewing
Mr Storm
Ed Willum
Kurt Curtis
Tom Brant
Glen Ivers

The operation of hydraulic brakes.

"The Sports Car Gallery"
A look at the Jaguar XK-120, Cunningham, and the MG Midget TD.

"Car Care"
Beauty hints for your car. Hints on touch-up's, top dressing, whitewalls, and upolstery.

"Why Not Build a Ford Four-Barrel?"

This is not a story but a breakdown of the basic work needed to rebuild a four-cylinder Ford Model "A" or "B" engine.

Written by Oscar Jay Gude.

"Hot Rods for Civilian Defense"
Clint wants to help the Civilian Defense of Mid City & wants it to be a club effort. With the help of a new member in town Alexander Mazda Beddison he gets them to agree. However before he can offer their help he is asked to help police catch 2 escaping bank robbers.

Anne Curtis
Clint Curtis
Curt Curtis
Alexander Mazda Beddison
Officer Ed Willum
Mister Thomas

Steve Lansimg who worked at Fawcett during this time might have been a writter in this book, but are not credited.

Bob Laughlin who worked at Fawcett during this time might have been an artist in this book, but is not credited.

Cover art by Bob Powell.


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