Adventure Comics (1938) 308-A

Comic Book by DC, May 01 1963
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Adventure Comics (1938) 308-A by DC
Adventure Comics (1938) 308-A by DC


Cover Price:$.12
Publish Date:MAY 01 1963
Content:CCA Approved



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"Countdown on Excellence"

Superboy in "The Super-Menace of Smallville"
Lex Luthor teams up with an Atlantean scientist, and transmits a beam that causes mass hypnotic illusions, which makes Superboy and the citizens of Smallville believe that Superboy has the power to induce transformations in other people. Luthor directs Superboy to an antidote, which is actually a trap set by the Atlantean scientist, Kronn. Superboy discovers the truth and turns Kronn over to the Atlantean police and captures Lex.

An untitled Tricksy strip.

Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes in "The Return of Lightning Lad'
*While visiting the tomb of Lightning Lad, the Legionnaires watch as their deceased comrade rises from his death-like coma. However, they are concerned that, during this coma, the electrical charge that originally gave him his abilities may have been drained away and that, powerless, he will have to resign from the team. The Legionnaires test him during their next mission, but Sun Boy secretly uses his power to cover for his friend.

Before a second test can be done, the team is ordered by the Chief of the Science Police to find the Thieves' Planet, a refuge for the universe's criminals. After capturing a pirate ship, in which Chameleon Boy finds and adopts a pet Protean, the team arrives on Thieves' World. They are captured by its evil master, a being of pure electrical energy. With the help of "Proty", they escape, and with the help of Lightning Lad, who has his powers after all, they defeat this evil master.

No one is more surprised to see Lightning Lad in action than Sun Boy, who explains that he had suspected from the start that the resurrected Legionnaire was not Garth Ranzz at all, but his twin sister. Exposed, "Lightning Lad" confesses, telling the team that she, too, was present years ago when her brother originally received his powers on Korbal. Later, a vote is taken, and Ayla Ranzz, rechristened Lightning Lass, joins the Legion. *Source: The Official Legion of Super-Heroes Index #2 - Published by ICG.
(1st Chronological Appearance of Lightning Lass; 1st Chronological Appearance of 'Proty', Chameleon Boy's pet Protean.)


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