Dark Horse Presents (2011) 24-A

Comic Book by Dark Horse, May 01 2013
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Dark Horse Presents (2011) 24-A by Dark Horse
Dark Horse Presents (2011) 24-A by Dark Horse


Cover Price:$7.99
Publish Date:MAY 01 2013
Sale Date:MAY 22 2013


Item Biography

"Strange Terrain, Part One" featuring Blackout

"Boxcar Tales, Part 6" featuring Alabaster

"Plain Sight, Part 2" featuring Bloodhound

"Brain Boy"

"The Train to Avalon Bay, Part 1" featuring Trekker

"King's Road"

"Crime Does Not Pay Presents City of Roses, Chapter Five"

"Into the Past, Part 2" featuring Nexus

Badger and Clayborn appear in flashback/montage.

"Armageddon Outta Here!" featuring Hunter Quaid

"Blind Mole-Rat King" a Villain House story

*Introducing Blackout, An all-new hero! Step into the darkness with the brand-new Dark Horse superhero Blackout, written by Frank Barbiere with art by Micah Kaneshiro! Get ready for sci-fi action with the return of Ron Randall’s Trekker! Take the case and save the world with Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal’s Hunter Quaid! Plus, new installments of Alabaster: Boxcar Tales, Nexus, Crime Does Not Pay, Brain Boy, King’s Road, Bloodhound, and Villain House! *Source: darkhorse.com


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