Marvel Collectors' Item Classics 16-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Aug 01 1968
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Marvel Collectors' Item Classics 16-A by Marvel
Marvel Collectors' Item Classics 16-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.25
Publish Date:AUG 01 1968
Content:CCA Approved

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Cover reprinted from Fantastic Four (1961) #22.

"The Return of the Mole Man!" featuring the Fantastic Four by Lee and Kirby/Bell; 22 pages.
Reed suspects that Sue has unlocked abilities, and helps her discover her ability to create an invisible shield and to make other objects invisible. A wave of neighborhood complaints force the FF to move their HQ to an deserted island, but they find the island has an occupant, the Mole Man, who plans on instigating World War III by stealing a major city from both the the USSR and the USA. The FF thwart his plans, and send him running for his life when Reed changes the circuits on Mole Man's machine, sending the island to the bottom of the ocean.
Reprinted from Fantastic Four (1961) #22.

"Battling the Black Knight!" (X-775) featuring Iron Man by Lee and Heck; 13 pages.
Tony Stark is having a heart attack in his office, and his biggest worry is that Pepper Potts or Happy Hogan will see his chest plate in trying to help him, revealing his secret. Luckily, the Black Knight has broken out of prison and chooses to attack Stark Industries at that precise moment. Tony manages to get into his armor and swings into action, but when the show is over, he can't remove his armor for fear of another heart attack, and so Iron Man has to cover for Tony Stark's disappearance. Pepper and Happy are suspicious.
Reprinted from Tales of Suspense (1959) #59.

"Mordo Must not Catch Me!" (X-773) featuring Doctor Strange by Lee and Ditko/Bell; 10 pages.
Dr. Strange is attacked in his sanctuary by assassins from Baron Mordo. He dispatches them, but Mordo arrives to announce that he has the Ancient One captive. The ensuing battle ranges over the whole Earth, as Strange tries to find his captive mentor. Find him he does, in Mordo's hidden Himalayan lair, at which time he shows Mordo who is master.
Reprinted from Strange Tales (1951) #125.


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