Spider-Man: New Ways to Die nn-B

Hard Cover by Marvel, Jan 01 2009
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Spider-Man: New Ways to Die nn-B by Marvel
Spider-Man: New Ways to Die nn-B by Marvel


Cover Price:$24.99
Publish Date:JAN 01 2009
Sale Date:JAN 21 2009
Caption:John Romita Jr "Anti-Venom" Cover 1/200


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Collects Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1) #568-573.

*You’re a decent and noble guy, an out-and-out hero of the first order, and you’ve saved the city more times than anyone can count. But don’t you get it by now, Spidey? For every life you save, there’s a million new ways to die! Especially with Norman Osborn on the scene. He’s got a plan to take you down that’s more clever than ever — and, this time, he’s backed by the law! He and his team of Thunderbolts — including the baddest of the bad, Bullseye and Venom — are considered the good guys! And with the all the crazy changes Eddie Brock has gone through, he’s creepier than ever and tracking you down at the same time! Throw in the weird behavior of your buddy Harry Osborn — why is he so erratic these days? — and you’ve got some major-league problems! *Source: marvel.com

Note: This book was originally released as a New York Comic Con exclusive even thought it does not bear the NYCC logo on it.


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