Star Blazers 4-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by West Cape Co., LTD., Jan 01 1983
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Star Blazers 4-A by West Cape Co., LTD.
Star Blazers 4-A by West Cape Co., LTD.


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:JAN 01 1983


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General Lysis Against the Star Force (Episode 11)
This story encompasses three of the TV show episodes and starts off with General Volgar testing a new space weapon made up of small creatures that he controls with the help of a mind amplifier. The smaller creatures can form into any shape Volgar can think of as he tries to use them to form one giant creature, which he calls the Balonosaurus, to smash the Argo. Conventional weapons can not stop the creature as Wildstar uses the Wave Motion Gun to destroy the creature. Volgar returns in shame where he is revealed of his command by General Lysis. Meanwhile, Captain Avatar undergoes a life saving operation but his health is still failing from his wounds from an earlier battle and the radiation sickness from Earth's Surface.
The Star Force continue on their journey but find a strange object in their path that emits high energy vibrations that shake ships apart. Wildstar, Sandor and go over to investigate and try to disable the device but its defenses are too strong as Sandor reveals his secret. He lost his arms and legs during an accident at an amusement park as a child and now he is forced to wear bionic limbs which he uses as bombs to destroy the space object.

Homer, the ship's communications officer, is feeling sick. It's been nearly 2 months since the crew has been out of communications range with Earth and moral is low. That is until Homer is able to find a channel back to Earth as he finds out his father is ill with radiation sickness. This prompts Homer to confront Captain Avatar to turn the ship around and head home, also letting them know he has found a way to contact home. After loosing his argument, Homer decides to float home and leaves the ship when he finds a Gamilon relay satellite is responsible for the communications back home. Homer knows now that the Gamilions are listening to their messages but he can not get back to the ship. Luckily for him, Wildstar is out looking for him and finds Homer and the satellite and destroys it.

The Star Force continues on when they come across a strange planet, Planet Balon where the plant life grows down into the ground and not up towards the strange small sun that orbits the planet. The Star Force lands and gathers samples as they find a Gamilon base. General Lysis springs his trap as he traps the Argo between the sun and the Gamilon base as he means to smash the Argo with the sun which will destroy the base. Turning on Lysis, Volgar contacts Leader Desslok of Lysis' plan as Desslok orders Lysis to stop, giving the Argo enough time to destroy the artificial sun and escape. Lysis is disgraced and recalled to Gamilon while Wildstar is promoted to Deputy Captain while Captain Avatar recovers from surgery.

The Challenge of General Lysis (Episode 12)
Lysis is back on Gamilon where he is sentenced to death for his failure on Balon. But Desslok commutes his sentence and gives Lysis command of three battle fleets with one purpose, to destroy the Argo and the Star Force. Lysis issues a challenge to the Star Force, meet him outside of the great Megellenic Cloud for a winner-takes-all fight between Gamilon and Earth. Knowing that the Gamilons will never stop, Avatar accepts the challenge and readies his young crew for battle.


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