Godwheel 0-A

Comic Book by Malibu, Jan 01 1995
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Godwheel 0-A by Malibu
Godwheel 0-A by Malibu


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Publish Date:JAN 01 1995
Sale Date:JAN 12 1995


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"Chapter One: The Crucible"
The events of this story follow that of Rune (Vol 1) #9. Argus returns to the City of the Gods, Vahdala, to replenish his immortality at the Crucible of Life, only to find his fellow immortals gone, and the sacred artifacts that power the Crucible, gone as well. He is followed by Rune, who tries to consume Argus' power. Argus rebuffs Rune, and takes his mystic gems. With them, he devines the location of mortals powerful enough to reclaim the missing artifacts.

"Chapter Two: Destiny"
Argus teleports his candidates to Vahdala. Prime, Freex, Hardcase, NecraManta, Lord Pumpkin, and Boneyard all arrive and fights start to break out among old rivals. NecraManta kills Lukasz, shocking the rest who were unaware of Manta's current state of evil. Argus senses NecraManta's suitability to his needs, and she promptly requests permission to kill the rest of the candidates.


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