Master Comics 1-A

Comic Book by Fawcett, Mar 01 1940
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Master Comics 1-A by Fawcett
Master Comics 1-A by Fawcett


Cover Price:$.15
Publish Date:MAR 01 1940


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No Title Given featuring Master Man.
Introduction and origin of Master Man. 7 pages.

"The Jeweled Crown of Ramistan" featuring the White Rajah.
David Scott, son of an English plantation owner in India, gets lost in the countryside, and is rescued by the white elephant Sin-Gee. He grows in the wild, becoming strong and wise. He visits the Rajah of Ramistan and prevents the crown from being stolen. As reward, his is crowned the White Rajah of Ramistan. 4 pages.

No Title Given featuring the Devil's Dagger.
The city of Carterville is dominated by two mysterious figures, crime lord Jeff Marlowe and crime-fighting secret identity of Ken Wyman, the Devil's Dagger.

No Title Given featuring Morton Murch the Hillbilly Hero. 4 pages.

No Title Given featuring Shipwreck Roberts.
Salvage diver Shipwreck Roberts is hired to investigate the cause of some recent ships bearing precious cargo, and he runs into the cause, Dr. Drown and his pet monsters. 4 pages.

No Title Given featuring Frontier Marshal Bill Crane.
City slicker Bill Crane visits his home town of Big Savage, and the Marshall is gunned down by outlaws, and appoints Bill as his successor. 4 pages.

"Sooner or Later" 1 page, text with splash panel illustration.

"Master Puzzlers" 1/2 page.

"Introducing Mr. Clue" 4 pages.

No Title Given featuring Streak Sloan, Boy Newsreel Explorer. 4 pages.

No Title Given featuring El Carim, Master of Magic. 4 pages.

No Title Given featuring Rick O'Shay. 7 pages.


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