Batwoman: Elegy - The Deluxe Edition nn-A

Hard Cover by DC, Jan 01 2010
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Batwoman: Elegy - The Deluxe Edition nn-A by DC
Batwoman: Elegy - The Deluxe Edition nn-A by DC


Cover Price:$24.99
Publish Date:JAN 01 2010
Sale Date:JUN 30 2010
Caption:Dust Jacket



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Collects Detective Comics #854-860.

*She is Batwoman, Gotham city's newest protector.

And battling her at every turn of her still-young crimefighting career is a crazed cult called the religion of crime. Led by a Lewis Carroll-quoting madwoman known only as Alice, they plan to turn Gotham City into a wonderland of carnage.

But Alice has something special in store for the Batwoman -- something that will show her everything she thought she knew about her life as a caped crusader is wrong.

Is this one-woman army fighting a war she can't win, against an enemy with more power over her than she ever could have guessed?

Through the looking glass.

The Batman gave her the inspiration. Her father gave her the discipline. Years of training gave her the skills. But only Kate Kane herself knows what gave her the unbreakable drive to serve in the war on crime -- as The Batwoman.

A lethal new enemy has come to Gotham City with murder on her mind, and all of the Batwoman's abilities will be put to the test.

As she gazes into the evil eyes of the deadliest foe she has ever faced, what will the reflection reveal?

Discover the story behind Gotham's newest creature of the night in Batwoman: Elegy. Featuring the writing of modern suspense master Greg Rucka and the kaleidoscopic art of J.H. Williams III -- it's a bold new vision of triumph, trauma, and the nature of heroism. *Source: Dust Jacket


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