Adventure Comics (1938) 322-A

Comic Book by DC, Jul 01 1964
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Adventure Comics (1938) 322-A by DC
Adventure Comics (1938) 322-A by DC


Cover Price:$.12
Publish Date:JUL 01 1964
Content:CCA Approved



Item Biography

Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes in "The Super-Tests of the Super-Pets"
*The Legion, assisted by the Substitute Heroes, leaves Earth to try to penetrate the Time Trapper's Iron Curtain of Time, and summons the Legion of Super-Pets to guard the Clubhouse while they're away. Chameleon Boy's pet, Proty II, wants to join the Super-Pets, and although they scoff at his usefulness, they offer to take him in if he passes each of the initiation tests.

Comet tells Proty to change himself into Superboy, and carry out the next mission assigned to the Boy of Steel, which he does. Streaky then orders Proty to impersonate a Legionnaire, and accompany Saturn Girl on a mission without letting her discover his real identity. Changing himself into a duplicate of his master, Chameleon Boy, Proty easily passes this test, as well. Beppo assigns Proty to keep the Legionnaires out of their Clubhouse for an hour, which he does by decoying them with a ruse. Finally, Krypto orders Proty to hunt and track him down on Earth within two hours. In fulfilling this task, Proty rescues Krypto from some Green Kryptonite which he had accidentally stumbled upon.

By successfully completing all four tests, Proty II becomes the fifth member of the Legion of Super-Pets. *Source: The Legion of Super-Heroes Index #2 - Published by ICG.

Superboy in "Clark Kent, Class Cheat"
Reprinted from Superboy (Vol 1) #66.
Clark starts flunking tests, in order to catch a group of cheaters at his school.

An untitled Little Pete strip.


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