WetWorks (1994) 19-A

Comic Book by Image, Aug 01 1996
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WetWorks (1994) 19-A by Image
WetWorks (1994) 19-A by Image


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Publish Date:AUG 01 1996
Sale Date:AUG 14 1996


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Blackbird questions Waering about Pilgrim's whereabouts, and reveals that the Jaquar is indebted to his family until Blackbird's sister is returned. Meanwhile, the team recovers from their fight with the "Dopplers".

While Grail helps Dozer attempt to control his massive size, a portal appears to show a battered Pilgrim begging for help. When he returns to his room, Grail finds a Doppler waiting for him. He is saved by the intervention a werewolf, who reveals himself to be Blackbird, but asks for his secret to remain between the two.

Pilgrim then returns to the team through a strange portal, and tells the team about her battle with her alternate self in a limbo between realities.

Waering then reveals that the boy killed was not the "prodigy" that Blackbird was protecting, and that they have located the actual target. The team goes to a nightclub where the boy is once again attacked by a group of Dopplers.

During the fight, Pilgrim uses her reality jumping ability to save the life of Claymore, though no one notices. She reveals that she is using her knowledge of future events and her reality jumping abilities to change the future, though her interventions seem to cause her great pain.

Mother One also reveals that she believes that Jester is no longer truly alive and that his body has ceased to exist, while the symbiote retains a shell of his form that can be controlled by his will.

While the team is able to save the boy, It is revealed that Wayne Gordon is behind the attacks, his family having been killed by werewolves years before. He is not alone though, being helped along by the mysterious Lady Feign.


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