Mega Man ZX 2-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by Udon, Aug 01 2010
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Mega Man ZX 2-A by Udon
Mega Man ZX 2-A by Udon


Cover Price:$12.95
Publish Date:AUG 01 2010
Sale Date:SEP 09 2010

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"Chapter 8: The Double Megamerge of Friendship",
"Chapter 9: The Burning City",
"Chapter 10: Guardian Base Under Attack",
"Chapter 11: The Terrifying Super Purprill"
"Chapter 12: Project Haven",
"Chapter 13: Face Off! Mega Man vs. Mega Man!!",
"Chapter Final: The Light of Courage",

"Mega Man ZX Super Encyclopedia, Part 2"

*Enter an exciting new future with Mega Man ZX! Hundreds of years in the future, humans are able to merge with living 'biometals', transforming into Mega Men! Our hero, Vent, has managed to gather six unique biometals, each with their own powers. But even they may not be enough to defeat Slither Inc.'s newest lackeys - Pandora and Prometheus! It's time for a Mega-rumble in the concluding chapter of Mega Man ZX! *Source:


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