Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 15-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jul 01 1968
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Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 15-A by Marvel
Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 15-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.25
Publish Date:JUL 01 1968
Content:CCA Approved


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"Let the Silence Shatter!" featuring Medusa
Medusa must watch as her husband Black Bolt's frustration rises over his inability to control the power of his voice. The Frightful Four scheme for a way to lure Medusa back, and the Wizard offers technology that would let Black Bolt control his power...if only Medusa will steal a rare substance from a military installation for his use. The Wizard's ploy is false, and Medusa escapes, making sure the Wizard does not gain his prize. 25 pages.

"Siege of Camelot" featuring The Black Knight (G-64) (title taken from cover of Black Knight #2).
Reprinted from Black Knight #2 (Atlas).
King Arthur and his knights travel the country-side, visiting the towns at the time of their festivals, leaving Mordred at Camelot. The Black Knight stays behind as well, distrusting Mordred. Mordred has arranged for Normans to lay siege to Camelot in Arthur's absence, with the arrangement to grant them access in exchange for a power-sharing arrangement. 6 pages.

"The Dawn of the Sub-Mariner" (E-805)
Reprinted from Sub-Mariner Comics #35.
Start of a series that chronicles Namor's boyhood years and explains the origin of his powers. Young Namor lives with his people, the Atlanteans, in waters below the Antarctic ice cap. In this episode, Namor and Byrrah play on the ice floats, but Namor gets trapped, and must remain on the surface for a day before he can be found. His mother, Princess Fen fears he has died, as would a normal Atlantean, but Namor, half-breed as he is, can survive indefinitely out of water. 3 pages.

"The Black Marvel" reprinted from Mystic Comics #5, Mar. 1941.

"Captain America Turns Traitor" (D-740) by Romita. 7 pages.
Reprinted from Young Men (Atlas) #26.
A Communist spy injects Cap with a serum which turns Cap into a Communist. Cap goes into action for the Russians until he is introduced to their spy-master, and we learn that Cap was only playing along.


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