What If? 32-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Apr 01 1982
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What If? 32-A by Marvel
What If? 32-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$1.00
Publish Date:APR 01 1982
Content:CCA Approved


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"What If... The Avengers Had Become the Pawns of Korvac?"

In which, one man's dream to impart peace and tranquility throughout the universe leads to utter devastation of all there is, in one reality anyway.

Having accessed near-omnipotent energy from Galactus' homeship, the future-born criminal, Korvac had metamorphosed into a would-be modern-day messiah. His ambition drew the attention of Earth's Mightiest Heroes; the Avengers, but after an apocalyptic showdown they are completely annihilated.

Korvac systematically destroys his opponents, or bars them entrance to his earthly base of existence. He uses the reconstituted members of key Avengers to accomplish his ends. First target on Korvac's list is Earth's Watcher, Uatu. A hit-squad of the most powerful Avengers attack him at his home in the abandoned Kree city on the moon, but the Watcher escapes.

Uatu convenes a conglomerate of cosmic entities; Galactus, the Gardener and the Grandmaster among them. So threatening is the emergent power-scale of the usurper, Korvac, that it is agreed he must be halted immediately.

Other Avengers are resurrected for the benefit of their extra-sensory abilities to provide an early warning for Korvac, should any of the arrayed pantheon of Gods mount an assault on his battlements.

When indeed, that onslaught arrives, the stakes are increased exponentially. Wiping out planets, suns, galaxies. In effect: Ultimate Nullification.

Inspired by events in Avengers (1963) #167-177. Issue features multiple artists, each inking specific characters throughout:

Arishem - Rick Magyar
Avengers en masse - Jack Abel
Badoon - Alan Kupperberg
Captain America - Joe Rubinstein
Captain Marvel - Joe Rubinstein
Carina - Vince Colletta
Chaos - Walt Simonson
Collector - Terry Austin
Doctor Strange - Alan Weiss
Eternity - Mark Gruenwald
Galactus - Bob Layton
Gardener - Rick Bryant
Godheads en masse - Bob Wiacek
Grandmaster - Jack Abel
Guardians en masse - Al Milgrom
Hercules - Bob Layton
High Evolutionary - Larry Hama
Humanity - John Tartaglione
Immortus - Klaus Janson
In-Betweener - Al Milgrom
Iron Man - Bob Layton
Jocasta - Herb Trimpe
Korvac (Human) - Bob Layton
Korvac (Energy) - Jack Abel
Korvac (Ultimate) - Joe Rubinstein
Living Tribunal - Marie Severin
Moondragon - Frank Miller
Ms. Marvel - John Romita Sr.
Odin - Frank Giacoia
Order - Walt Simonson
Phoenix - Dave Cockrum
Shaper of Worlds - Steve Mitchell
Silver Surfer - Ron Wilson
Starhawk - Al Milgrom
Stranger - Bob Wiacek
Thor - Jack Abel
Universal Armada - Rick Magyar
Vision - Dave Simons
Watcher(s) - Joe Rubinstein
Wonder Man - Dave Simons
Zeus - John Byrne


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