What If? 7-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Feb 01 1978
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What If? 7-A by Marvel
What If? 7-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.60
Publish Date:FEB 01 1978
Content:CCA Approved


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"What If Someone Else Had Become-- the Amazing Spider-Man"

Uatu weaves three tales of alternate realities where Peter Parker didn't receive a bite from a dying, radiation-ridden arachnid, to later become Spider-Man.

Firstly, it's muscle-headed jock, Flash Thompson who steps into Peter's shoes. Flash feels a little faint at first, but hides his vulnerability - as he has two chicks to impress. On his way out of the science exhibition, the would-be ladies' man becomes aware of his sudden change in circumstances.

To wow the girls, Flash challenges the undefeated Crusher Hogan to a bout of manly grappling in order to win some prize money. Thompson's over-exuberant use of super-strength winds up snapping the poor sap's neck.

Flash embarks on a Super-Hero campaign, but it all comes to a shuddering, sickening halt after an aerial clash with the Vulture.

Next reality; J. Jonah Jameson and his secretary hustle meek Peter Parker out of the way to get a front row scoop on the radiation test.

One irradiated spider's fatal kiss on the hand transforms shy, demure, Betty Brant into a webbed, décolletage-exposing vamp. Peter sticks close to Ms. Brant, guiding her in the development of her powers and manufacturing her crime-fighting accessories.

It all changes one night when a rogue felon brushes past Betty and Peter on the street, pursued by an exasperated security guard. Later, outside Peter's house, a solitary, sedentary police car symbolizes a dread happenstance. You know the rest; but it's Betty this time that learns about "great responsibility".

Situation three: John Jameson III receives the radioactive spider-bite. His father, hard-nosed newspaperman, J. Jonah Jameson wastes no time in making capital on John III's extraordinary gifts. The Daily Bugle is used as a promotional tool for recording the exploits of "Spider Jameson", a name only a narcissistic, blinkered father could think up.

One sensational selfless act results in Spider Jameson's untimely demise. J. Jonah pledges to provide positive future support for the burgeoning Super-Hero community, in honor of his son's memory.

In the aftermath of all three realities, Peter Parker experiments on the dead spider with his bio-chemical knowledge, and manages to synthesize a formula to recreate the effect of the radioactive bite. Thus, Spider-Man is born anew!


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