Adventure Comics (1938) 290-A

Comic Book by DC, Nov 01 1961
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Adventure Comics (1938) 290-A by DC
Adventure Comics (1938) 290-A by DC


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:NOV 01 1961
Content:CCA Approved



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Superboy in "The Secret of the Seventh Super-Hero"

*Tom Tanner, a juvenile delinquent escapee from the state reform school, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Clark Kent, arrives in Smallville and is mistaken for Clark by everyone, even Ma Kent, who unwittingly gives away Superboy's secret identity. Tanner decides that he likes his new life as Clark and intends to remain in his place.

Meanwhile, outside Smallville, Superboy meets with Sun Boy, the newest member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, who has arrived from the future. He explains that he is in the 20th Century to gather and return to a secret vault the six pieces of a super-weapon once dismantled and buried in Superboy's time by the Legion. However, once the Boy of Steel gathers the pieces, Sun Boy, actually a villainous imposter, assembles them into a robot which emits a ray that can change good people into evil, and vice-versa. He then sends the robot after Clark Kent.

Shortly thereafter, Superboy appears and begins an evil rampage, until such time as the bogus Sun Boy's guard is down. Then he destroys the robot, and takes the villain back to the future, where he explains to the Legion that the impersonator had given himself away by not giving the official Legion handshake.

The "Clark Kent" affected by the robot's ray was Tom Tanner, who as a result is reformed and loses his knowledge of Superboy's secret. *Source: The Official Legion of Super-Heroes Index #1 - Published by ICG.

"Wanted: Safe Bus Drivers"

An untitled Ollie strip.

Tales of the Bizarro World with "The Invasion of the Bizarro World"
The Bizarros celebrate when their world is invaded by animated Blue Kryptonite statues.

An untitled Shorty strip.


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