Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated 2-A

Magazine by Quantum Cat Entertainment, Jul 01 1998
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Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated 2-A by Quantum Cat Entertainment
Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated 2-A by Quantum Cat Entertainment


Cover Price:$5.95
Publish Date:JUL 01 1998
Sale Date:MAY 06 1998
Caption:Frank Frazetta Cover

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"Kane on the Golden Sea" pin-up by Frazetta.

A dragon brings death, and in response, a warrior woman of a higher race comes to end the threat of the beast. She thinks she knows that her brother is behind the senseless act, but she is being played by an evil that hides in plain sight. Will she discover it before it is too late? 10 pages.

"Les Reparateurs (The Repairmen)"
On an alien world, two men cross the desolate surface to enter the bowels of the planet and set the vast mechanical workings aright. We see the link in this action and the fate of a cartoonist here on Earth. 8 pages.

Preview for Battle Chasers, 10 pages.

"The Emerald Seven", 10 pages.

"Infernus Terra, Part II"
Lord Y'Bor's army has destroyed their rival. Cyrus finds the opponent's captain for interrogation and torture. Meanwhile, we discover that this world of brutality is just below our feet, that the world of Lord Y'Bor is digging its way to lay siege to the unsuspecting world of Man. 12 pages.

"SpaceJackers", 10 pages.

"A Place for Dying"
A fighting man examines his life, and sees how the thing he fears most is the cessation of conflict, to be without purpose. And the best way to die is to die fighting. 10 pages.

"Carnivores of Light and Darkness"
6 pages, text with spot illustrations.


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