Metal Hurlant 9-A

Comic Book by Humanoids, Nov 01 2003
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Metal Hurlant 9-A by Humanoids
Metal Hurlant 9-A by Humanoids


Cover Price:$3.95
Publish Date:NOV 01 2003


Item Biography

"Shelter Me"
A young woman is knocked out and dragged to her neighbor's bomb shelter. When she comes to, he tells her that armageddon has come, and that it is unsafe to go outside, as the world is burning. She distrusts him, and has to find out for herself. 8 pages.

"Dust Devils"
A Wild West Bad Man happens upon a gathering of fairies in the desert, and traps one. Its mystic powers enable his mythic career as an outlaw, but it is ended by a shaman lawman. He finds that the fairy's wrath and retribution is endless. 8 pages.

"The Zombies that Ate the World, Chapter 2: Dead Girl Superstar"
A rich man hires our heroes to dig up a once-beautiful, now dead superstar for his 'collection.' Karl and Maggie do the deed, and deliver the goods. The collector finds to his dismay that his newest addition has her own appetites. 12 pages.

"Spouting Off: The Random Thoughts of Jean-Pierre Dionnet"
6 page editorial with spot illustrations.

"The Phototaker"
A mysterious man is on a spree of thefts... rockets, trains, churches, artwork. He poses as a photographer, but his exposure puts all bystanders in a trance and causes the object to disappear. When he sees the woman of his desires and offers to photograph her, he cannot resist her offer to be in the picture with her, even though he understands the results. 10 pages.

"Fragile, Part 3"
Alan Olden is a zombie and on the run from Disinfestors... zombies that have been engineered by the surviving scientists to be their army of hunter-killers, ridding the Earth of zombies. Alan is trapped in the desert, and the Disinfestors on his trail know that his options are limited.

Rebel leader Zerain's obsession with his enemy, the beautiful but hated Princesss Kavatah, continues. 5 pages.


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