Vampirella 5-A

Magazine by Warren, Jun 01 1970
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Vampirella 5-A by Warren
Vampirella 5-A by Warren


Cover Price:$.50
Publish Date:JUN 01 1970
Sale Date:MAY 04 1970
Caption:Frank Frazetta Cover


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"Crafts of a Cat's Eye"

A young man tries to gain a elderly woman's fortune, against her friendly family of cats wishes.

"Scaly Death"

A prehistoric couple search for a home, but are daunted by violence at every turn.

"An Axe to Grind!"

A young woman tries to make her first sale as a traveling sales-person. The owner of the home she visits has other ideas.

"Avenged by Aurora"

A young simpleton is saved and trained by a Wizard. Later the young man befriends a young girl, who is murdered, only to be captured by a vicious Lord.

"Ghoul Girl"

A young woman is suspected of being a ghoul when she is caught in a cemetery. Seeking refuge, she is befriended by the cemetery's caretaker.

"Escape Route"

A young man is haunted by the death of his wife, who died in a flaming inferno.


Sample of moon rock hold more than is though, once they are brought back to Earth for examination.

This book has an story on the inside cover "The Satanic Sisterhood of Stonehenge!"
and a letters page titled "Vampi's Flames."


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