Wizard Image: Series 3 (Promo) 7-B

Trading Card by Wizard Press, Jan 01 1994
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Wizard Image: Series 3 (Promo) 7-B by Wizard Press
Wizard Image: Series 3 (Promo) 7-B by Wizard Press


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:JAN 01 1994
Caption:Gen13 (Gold Foil Sealed and Numbered)


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Item Biography

Retailer incentive for Wizard #30.
created by Jim Lee & Brandon Choi
Team Leader: Fairchild
Base of Operations: Mobile
First Team Appearance: Deathmate Black
Origin: In the 1970's the U.S. Government performed genetic experiments on a group of citizens - hoping to perfect the ideal superbeing - but the project was deemed too unstable and had to be shut down. It is now the 90's: a new government...and the genetic -positive children of that original projecthave finally "manifested" and become the 13th generation of superbeings, the Gen13.
Roster: Fairchild, imbued with super strength, speed, and endurance; Grunge, who can transmute his flesh to metal; Freefall, a telekinetic with a hint of telepathy; Burnout, whose flame powers include heat shields, flaming vision rays, and thermal drafts for flight; and Rainmaker, a manipulator of the elements.
*Source: Card back


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