Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of the Authority 1-A

Comic Book by WildStorm, Aug 01 2000
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Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of the Authority 1-A by WildStorm
Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of the Authority 1-A by WildStorm


Cover Price:$2.50
Publish Date:AUG 01 2000
Sale Date:JUN 21 2000
Caption:John McCrea Cover


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"Doctor's Orders"

*It's a story well known to fans of StormWatch and The Authority: After StormWatch met its untimely end, a new team — The Authority — rose from its ashes, facing threats on a global scale and beyond. But what happened between the death of one team and the birth of another?

The answers are found in Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of the Authority, a five-issue miniseries that delves deep into the characters — some familiar, some still enigmatic — that comprise the most powerful team in the WildStorm Universe. Written by Mark Millar with art by John McCrea (who also provides the covers) and inker James Hodgkins , the miniseries uses Jenny Sparks's diary — now in the hands of her replacement on the team — as its core, detailing her first meetings with the new team's members.

In issue #1 — which features a variant cover by the original The Authority art team of Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary (now on JLA) — the first entry the new leader reads is dedicated to the Doctor. Where did he come from? How did he find the colossal, fifty-mile-wide structure — currently the team's base of operations — on the edge of the Bleed? Future issues showcase Apollo, the Midnighter, and the Engineer, with appearances by Swift, Jack Hawksmoor and other members of both the Authority and StormWatch in an epic spanning a century of adventures.


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