Fantastic Four (1961) 51-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jun 01 1966
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Fantastic Four (1961) 51-A by Marvel
Fantastic Four (1961) 51-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.12
Publish Date:JUN 01 1966
Content:CCA Approved


Item Biography

"This Man, This Monster"

The Thing has been replaced by a mad scientist who steals the identity of the real Thing and reverts the real Thing back into Ben Grimm. Reed Richards is not convinced when the impostor Thing and Ben Grimm come face-to-face.

But Ben decides not to push it as he walks away, leaving the imposter to remain. Reed has invented a machine to enter sub space and he is ready to test it as he leaves the Thing to hold a guide cable to pull Reed back when he enters sub space.

The impostor does not respond to Reed's call for help as the cable breaks but the impostor has second thoughts about letting Reed die and goes in after him. In a last ditch effort at reform, the impostor throws Reed out of harm's way and saves Reed at the expense of his own life.

At that moment, Ben Grimm turns back to the Thing. At college, Johnny has a dust up with the school's star quarterback and Johnny's friend, Wyatt comes to his rescue.


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