Adventure Comics (1938) 324-A

Comic Book by DC, Sep 01 1964
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Adventure Comics (1938) 324-A by DC
Adventure Comics (1938) 324-A by DC


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Publish Date:SEP 01 1964
Content:CCA Approved



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(1st Chronological Appearances of Beast Boy, Gas Girl, Evolvo Lad, Life Lass, and Duplicate Boy; 1st Chronological Appearance of the Legion of Super-Outlaws, later known as the Heroes of Lallor).

Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes in "The Legion of Super-Outlaws"
*A brilliant but evil scientist, Dr. Marden King, seeks to destroy the Legion of Super-Heroes in retaliation for the death of his brother, Jungle King. Knowing of five young super-powered mutants, who are wandering the cosmos after being banished from the planet Lallor, he summons them to Earth to assist in his goal.

The youths are Duplicate Boy, who can duplicate any super-power, Gas Girl, who can change into any gas, Evolvo Lad, who can make his body go forward or backward in evolution, Life Lass, who can make any inanimate object come alive, and Beast Boy, who can transform himself into any animal.

Marden convinces them that the Legionnaires are tyrants who will force them off the Earth, knowing that the homeless Lallorians will fight to stay. The four Legionnaires then on Earth, Superboy, Star Boy, Invisible Kid, and Shrinking Violet battle the strange youths, and are captured by them and imprisoned in their own clubhouse.

Shrinking Violet escapes to warn her other teammates, and while Duplicate Boy tracks her down, his comrades discover that Marden King had lied to them, and that the Legionnaires are not villainous. When Duplicate Boy and the Legionnaires return to Earth, matters are set straight between the two groups, and King is taken into custody.

The Lallorian heroes are returned to their home world, and Duplicate Boy and Shrinking Violet, who have fallen in love, vow to continue their romance. *Source: The Official Legion of Super-Heroes Index #3 - Published by ICG.

Superboy in "The Three Secret Identities of Superboy"
Reprinted from Superboy (Vol 1) #67.
Superboy becomes a contestant on a game show.

An untitled Jerry the Jitterbug strip.


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