Nexus (1981) 3-A

Comic Book by Capital Comics, Oct 01 1982
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Nexus (1981) 3-A by Capital Comics
Nexus (1981) 3-A by Capital Comics


Cover Price:$2.95
Publish Date:OCT 01 1982


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Nexus' narration of his origin to Sundra Peale continues. Theodore Hellpop and his wife Marlis live in their new paradise, in an environment seemingly built for them with no clue who did so or why. Nexus is born, Horatio Hellpop. He suffers from an unknown condition, and must occasionally spend time in a flotation incubator. They all live happily together until his Mother passes away. Horatio has some 'friends' that only he can see. They teach him of his father's terrible decision of genocide at Vradic. More and more, Horatio feels surges of strange power in the incubator, and he suffers nightmares that are more like visions. Horatio's friends tell him what he must do to end these visions, and he murders his father. The costume is mysteriously waiting for him and Nexus is born.
Horatio and Sundra are falling in love, and Tyrone is scheming to get out from under Nexus' thumb. Sutta leBerq returns for vengeance, wielding terrible power. Their fight is so potent that five neighboring stars are extinguished. Sutta dies, and Nexus learns the terrible source of his power, a ship that contains the severed heads of a hundred thousand prisoners, wired as a generator. The government on Earth has noticed the celestial event, and declare Nexus a menace. 33 pages, oversized, black & white.

"Tales of Dave"
3 pages.
Includes flexi-disc sound recording.



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