More Fun Comics 75-A

Comic Book by DC, Jan 01 1942
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More Fun Comics 75-A by DC
More Fun Comics 75-A by DC


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Publish Date:JAN 01 1942



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Doctor Fate in "The Battle Against Time"
Inza asks Doctor Fate for his help in clearing a convicted murderer before his execution.
Written by Gardner F. Fox, penciled & inked by Howard Sherman.

Green Arrow in "Crime College"
Written by Mort Weisinger, penciled & inked by George Papp.

An untitled Radio Squad story.
Written, penciled & inked by Chad Grothkopf.

An untitled acts page.
Written, penciled & inked by Henry Boltinoff.

Aquaman in "The Return of Black Jack"
Black Jack is rescued by South Sea natives and he repays the favor by taking over their island.
Written by Mort Weisinger, penciled & inked by Paul Norris.

Johnny Quick in "The Man of a Million Murders"
Johnny uses the formula Z 25Y (2AB) for the first time that allows him to slow down.
Written by Mort Weisinger, penciled by Jerry Robinson, inked by Mort Meskin.

A text story "Thoroughbred"
Written by Edgar Weston.

An untitled Clip Carson story.
Penciled & inked by George Papp.

The Spectre in "Jim Corrigan Lives Again"
An artist imprisons Clarice's soul within a painting and the Spectre must resurrect Corrigan's body to keep it from being discovered.
Written by Jerry Siegel, penciled & inked by Bernard Baily.


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