Deadpool (2008) 900-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Dec 01 2009
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Deadpool (2008) 900-A by Marvel
Deadpool (2008) 900-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$4.99
Publish Date:DEC 01 2009
Sale Date:OCT 14 2009
Caption:Dave Johnson "White" Wraparound Cover
Content:Parental Advisory


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*Special SUPER-sized, ACTION-packed 104-page special to commemorate Deadpool’s historic 900th issue! … Wait, has it really been nine-hundred issues…? Who cares! If this collection of octane-infused stories by some of comics’ hottest talent doesn’t make you want to genuflect at the Altar of Wade, nothing will. Thrill as the Merc with a Mouth squares off against probe-happy aliens, trigger-happy mimes and one seriously unhappy fanman – and that’s just half the book! Wince as Wade bares his soul (and lots more) to a shrink who’s got major squirrels in his own attic. Thrill as he travels around the globe and then some to settle a childhood bet. And chill as C.S.I. investigators at a blood-splattered crime scene attempt to piece together why this particular “unsub” needed battery cables, Crisco oil, three stacks of adult magazines and a live chicken to pull off the hit. *Source:

"Close Encounters of the @*#$ed-up Kind"
Written by Jason Aaron, penciled by Chris Staggs & inked by Juan Vlasco.

"Silent But Deadly"
Written by Fred Van Lente, penciled & inked by Dalibor Talajic.

"Shrunken Master"
Written by Mike Benson, penciled & inked by Damion Scott.

"Pinky Swear"
Written by Joe Kelly, penciled & inked by Rob Liefeld.

"What Happens in Vegas..."
Written by Duane Swierczynski, penciled & inked by Shawn Crystal.

"Great Balls of Thunder on the Deep Blue Sea"
Written by Victor Gischler, penciled by Sanford Greene & inked by Nathan Massengill.

"One Down"
Written by Charlie Huston, penciled & inked by Kyle Baker.

"Turning Japanese or Little Demon Inside"
Written by James Felder, penciled by Pete Woods & inked by Walden Wong.
Reprinted from Deadpool Team-Up #1.

Cover art by Dave Johnson.


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