Man-Thing (1974) 17-A

Comic Book by Marvel, May 01 1975
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Man-Thing (1974) 17-A by Marvel
Man-Thing (1974) 17-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.25
Publish Date:MAY 01 1975
Content:CCA Approved


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"A Book Burns in Citrusville!"

Vigilante groups form in the aftermath of the Man-Thing running amuck in the town high school. There's also the matter of the mad Viking still on the loose after killing glam-rock star, Eugene Spangler.

The Man-Thing is overwhelmed by sensory overload from his recent encounters. He collapses at the edge of the swamp. A hunting party capture the slimy carcass and drop it in a chemical vat at the sewerage plant to dissolve the body.

A Town Hall meeting called by the Mayor is commandeered by angry mothers protesting the content of books on the school curriculum.

Before anyone can restore reason to the congregation, the mad Viking takes the stage to add his own malignant manifesto to the hearing. The crowd, living in fear of this Viking just hours ago now hail him as a public hero.

A book-burning ritual, reminiscent of the Nazi uprising is commenced, prompting Richard Rory to make a stand against the madness. His revolt is stifled by the large, blunt fist of the insane giant Norseman.


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