Spellbinders (1986) 4-A

Comic Book by Quality Comics, Mar 01 1987
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Spellbinders (1986) 4-A by Quality Comics
Spellbinders (1986) 4-A by Quality Comics


Cover Price:$1.25
Publish Date:MAR 01 1987

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Nemesis the Warlock: "The Gothic Empire" (part 9-11 reprinted from issues 395-397 of 2000 A.D. (UK)).

Torquemada of the Terminators' plan is clear: assassinate Queen Victoria and the Goth Empire will be his. Nemesis the Warlock is staying close to safeguard the Queen. When the death squad shows up, it includes Hammerstein, an old associates of Nemesis', reprogrammed for death. Nemesis has his hands full keeping the Queen alive, but manages to destroy Torquemada's host body. Later, the Hellfire Club work with local scientists to produce an ultimate specimen from cadaver parts to host Torqueman.

Slaine: "The Bride of Crom" (part 4-6 reprinted from issues 340-342 of 2000 A.D. (UK)).

Slaine, Ukko, and Medb are imprisoned in the sacrificial bier, awaiting the ceremonial fire, presided over by the Lord Weird, Slough Feg. Slaine rallies the others imprisoned, and they fight their way to freedom against warriors and undead swamp warriors, saving the girl. When her grateful father arrives afterwards, she is irate for his interference in her chosen destiny.

Amadeus Wölf - Stalker of the Supernatural: "Scorpio Rising" part 1 (reprinted from the UK comic book Smash!. In the original, the title character was named Cursitor Doom but was changed to Amadeus Wölf for this reprint).

Jimmy Brannigan is awakened in his room at night by movement. He is transfixed as some growing, plantlike menace. When Amadeus Wolf answers Jimmy's cries of distress, the menace is gone, but Wolf knows what the mysterious thing was: an enchanted mandrake root that was the talisman of the evil sorcerer Scorpio. They track and face Scorpio, but cannot stop him in his mad plan to seize world power.


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