Devi 9-A

Comic Book by Virgin Comics, Mar 01 2007
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Devi 9-A by Virgin Comics
Devi 9-A by Virgin Comics


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Publish Date:MAR 01 2007
Sale Date:MAR 28 2007


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*The future of the world is decided tonight. Lord Bala, no longer willing to tolerate the constant failures of his acolytes and employees, journeys to the Pashupatinagar slum to fulfill his quest. His objective: the find the Source, the vessel in which the power of untold millennia of human prayer is trapped. With the Source, Bala will become the most powoerful being in the universe, and the Gods will fall. Tara Mehta, the Devi incarnate, is beginning to come to terms with the Goddess trapped inside her body. She's rescued inspector Rahul Singh, her sole friend and ally, from the clutches of the blade-demon Falchion, and now must rescue the slum from the ravaging Darinde.

The Durapasya, let by High-Counselor Agantuk, battle the Darinde for control of the temple in the heart of the slum. Also in Pashupatinagar, fighting for their lives, are Iyam, once Bala's favorite General, and Kratha, the Apsara assassin - who's recently been told by Lord Bala that her fee for assassinating the Devi is forfeit. *Source: Devi #9


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