Spidey Super Stories 13-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Oct 01 1975
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Spidey Super Stories 13-A by Marvel
Spidey Super Stories 13-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.35
Publish Date:OCT 01 1975
Content:CCA Approved

Story Arcs

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Item Biography

"Facts about the Falcon"

A brief bio about Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon.

"Spidey and the Sandman, Part 1: Beach Party Crasher"

Peter Parker's relaxing day at the beach is interrupted by the appearance of the Sandman.

"Spidey and the Sandman, Part 2: The Beach Bummer"

Spider-Man and the Electric Company cast battle with the Sandman.

"Web Work"

A one page summary of how Peter Parker created Spider-Man's web shooters.

"The Sitter!"

Spidey goes after a larcenous babysitter.

This story is based on an Electric Company TV show script written by Sara Compton.

"Win With the Wing, Part 1: Word from the Bird"

After stopping a theft at a TV warehouse, Spider-Man is contacted by Redwing, Falcon's trained bird.

"Win With the Wing, Part 2: Super Zoo"

Following Redwing to a deserted section of Central Park, Spider-Man discovers that Falcon and Cat have been captured by Kraven the Hunter. While Kraven chases Spider-Man in the hopes of adding Spidey to his "Super Zoo", Falcon and Cat escape. Working together, the three heroes go after Kraven.

"How Spidey is Like a Spider"

A one page comparison between the abilities of a spider and Spider-Man.

"More Web Work.

Another page about Spider-Man's web shooters.


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